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On Your Site!

OnYourSite.com is a hot domain name that's now for sale!

In the past, this site was used for delivery of widgets to webpages around the world. The widgets included world times, jokes, quotes, time and weather, currency conversions, and more.

It was really a great program and very popular for a long time. However, my efforts and time have been focused elsewhere and the site fell into disrepair over time.

There are many uses for this domain name. From home or commercial builders who build "On Your Site," to "On Your Site" catering or other services performed "On Your Site," to a web/app service delivering feeds or other products to webmasters for use "On Your Site," and more.

The price is set at $12,000 firm. It's a great value at that price. Easy to pronouce, easy to spell. Brokers and resellers are welcome. It's an awesome investment and there's a good chance the name by itself will gain value over time.

To purchase, contact me through this form.

There's only one OnYourSite.com. It could be yours!

Also available: TimeAndWeather.com

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